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Moving Cleaning

Moving into a new place?

Congrats on a fresh start! We can help give you even more reason to celebrate! Before moving your furniture and boxes in your new place, let us get it ready for you. With the craziness of moving, we can help you focus on the things that are important.  We can clean your new place and your old place!

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Moving out of an apartment?

Renting can be stressful. In the moving processes renters always wonder if they will be getting their deposit back. Miramar Cleaning Company is here to help! Oftentimes people will be so distracted and overwhelmed by packing and moving that cleaning falls to the side. We can help you get your deposit back! Not only does it put more money in your pocket (woohoo!) but leaves you in good standing for future rental history referrals. It might seem silly to pay to get money, but it works! Having our team for even a couple hours can still leave you with money from your deposit. 

The Perfect Housewarming Gift!

These visits make the perfect housewarming gift. In the hustle of moving, the gift of cleaning can mean the world. Our cleaning services are better than something that collects dust on the shelf. Gift the unique gift of cleaning services for your next housewarming party!

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