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Miramar Cleaning Company proudly serves Hollywood, Miramar, ​Pembroke Pines, Miami Gardens, North Miami beach, Hialeah, Davie, and the surrounding areas. We are better than your old fashioned maid service. By using our professional team you are supporting your local businesses and we can’t thank you enough.

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Our clients asked. We delivered. Green  products are a way to help the environment and the ones you love. Request our green products in your home for a chemical-free maid service. We will not use any harsh bleaches, just all natural, plant-based products. We always offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Research has found that some of the normal products used can be harmful for your pets. If you have pets and have concerns about how chemicals might be affecting them, we have your back.

Health Matters

We now know how important your health is. The cleanliness of your home becomes the health of your life. Research now shows us how a messy, unkept home negatively affects both physical and mental health. Dust can get caught under furniture, in fans, and in corners and cause major allergies and even illness. On top of this, clutter and disorganization in your home or office can cause daily anxiety and depression. Can you think of a time when you didn’t want to get out of bed to do the dishes? Us too. We exist to make your life more full and healthy. Let us help you have a fresh start. Our professional team understands the chaos and hardships in life.

Commercial & Residential

Services We Offer

Residential Cleaning

Schedule routine cleaning for peace of mind and for the health of you and your family. Routine cleaning services ensures less stress and less illness for you are your loved ones.

Commercial Cleaning

Schedule routine cleaning for your businesses to improve other all appeal and health of your company. Routine cleaning keeps your staff and employees safe from illness and helps the other all function of your business. Give us a call today!

AirBNB Cleaning

If you are running AirBNB or another rental services, we can help with the housekeeping. Make money without lifting a finger. We'll make sure your guests give you a 5 star cleanliness rating.

Moving Cleaning Services

One of the worst parts about moving is cleaning both your old and new home. We can clean for a good ending and a fresh start. We can come clean before you move your furniture in to make sure it's as good as new.

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